IS THE PREMIERE HOSPITALITY, NIGHTLIFE AND ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY BASED IN NORTH AMERICA FOR MEDELLÍN COLOMBIA’s network of partners, friends and employees is what sets us apart from its competitors. Our companies’ diverse range of innovation, experince and knowledge has allowed to develop a superior traveling experience for all its clients.



The nightlife in Medellin might be what this city is best known for. The sun goes down, the flashing lights turn on, and the city ….



Fun, fine & fearless dining, a special restaurant stands above the rest in El Poblado Medellín…



There’s paragliding in San Felix, golfing in Rionegro, jet skiing in Guatapé and fishing in Santa Fe de Antioquia to name a few…


Medellin Group is THE premier entertainment and hospitality company for all your needs when travelling to Colombia. That family trip you have in mind, let us plan it for you. Discuss with your fellow travelers what activities you would like to do while on vacation and tell Medellin Group what you want to do. Our dedication to our clients and local knowledge make us the ideal travel company for Medellin, Colombia. We also offer packages like none of our competitors do.

Do you want to go golfing followed by a candlelight dinner at one of the city’s top restaurants? Or do you see yourself spending the day fishing at Santa Fe de Antioquia and spending the night at a cabin with your friends? We offer those options and many more. What sets us apart is we let you choose the activities you would like to do. Our partnerships with hundreds of companies in Medellin allow us to have you take part in the most exciting trips this region has to offer. Let us handle everything. From airport pick-up to dinner arrangements, we do it all. Whether you’re staying 3 days or 30, Medellin Group provide transportation take care of everything and then some. We set out to deliver a world class time with outstanding service. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior traveling experience for our guests.

Let us handle the stress of your travels while delivering a start to finish experience with all the perks along the way. Our unrivaled service is only matched by the daylife, nightlife, and dining options the city of eternal spring has to offer. Medellin Group also facilitates additional services to make your stay in the city easier.  Our additional services include:

Airport pickup

Airport pickup

You have just flown a long way. Don’t worry about picking out a safe, reputable taxi or taking public transportation. Let us meet you at the gate and bring you to where you will be staying.



In a city that is developing as quickly as Medellin it can be tough to select a tour guide that is responsible, trustworthy and knows his information. We only work with the best tour companies to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Restaurant service

Restaurant service

There are over 500 places to eat in Medellin and we know this can be overwhelming. You are on vacation or traveling and shouldn’t stress over how to find a good place with so many choices. No we aren’t giving you a meal coupon and sending you on your way. At Medellin group we collaborate with you whether you are looking for sushi or empanadas to deliver a world class dining experience.



With so many options what can you trust? Will the music be good? Is it safe? Will there be beautiful women? How do I get there? Going out at night is no longer stressful when you collaborate with the Medellín Group.

Additional Services

Translation/Personal Interpreters General Tours and Activities Full-time Tour Guides
Personal Assistant On-site Chef Cleaning Services
Money Exchange Disposable Phones / SIM Cards / Airtime DAS, DIAN, Passport Support
Medical Appointments Transportation Car Rentals

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Getting around town in Medellin can be a great adventure.  I have met some of the best people while lost on a local bus or the metro. The first thing to remember is that people in Medellin are very helpful and will lead you in the right direction.  I personally have been accompanied 10 whole blocks by a complete stranger to my destination.

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