Best Yearly Events That’ll Keep You Entertained in Medellin

Thousands have flocked from around the globe to partake in these Medellin Events. You should too and see what everyone is talking about. Colombia is full of lively people and culture.  Go to any major city and you will find that your elected time might not be enough. Medellin the second largest city in Colombia clocking in with 3.5 million people has no shortage of yearly events that will captivate any foreigner.  Below is a list of the better known events that give the locals an excuse to party it up.


Enter the Ring

The month of new beginnings gets you started on the right foot.  medellin group One of the older events which lately have brought on some controversy are the bull fights held at the Macarena.  Although it is seen as a barbaric ritual by some you cannot deny the fact that this is a major part of the Colombian culture especially in Antioquia.  The event gets its start in January but goes on into the month of February.  The event has been held at the bullfighting ring named La Macarena since 1992.

Textile World

If bullfighting isn’t your thing maybe you will be more interested in ColombiaTex.  This is also an annual event that features apparel and home furnishings, machinery, textiles, supplies and other items in the textile supply chain.  If you are in the clothes business you cannot afford to miss out on this event.  Here you will be able to find everything you need to start an apparel collection.  Everything from cotton, blends, wool, buckles, buttons, zippers, threads, interlinings, labels, technological items, machinery and services can be found here.  This event has been known to attract vendors from Latin America and South America.  Buyers from all continents make it their business to visit this event and so should you.


Sales Sales Sales!!

Medellin is a Bargain The month of February is dedicated to sales, sales and more sales! Throughout the entire city, over 1000 shopping centers and outlets mark down massive amounts of items for sale at a discount. People are known to hold off from shopping all year for this event, where they partake in bulk shopping, basically buying clothes and other house hold items for the whole family.  The items that are typically for sale are clothing, furniture, household items, jewelry and more. Hosted by the Medellin Association of Shopping Centers, this annual event has a large turnout as people come from all over the greater metropolitan area to participate.


Exhibition of Orchids, Birds and Flowers

orchidsWhen we think of March we tend to think spring time.  Although Medellin is the city of Eternal Spring March has been chosen to hold this event due to the fact that flowers are brought in from the surrounding areas as well.  The exhibition of Orchids, Birds and Flowers fills the city with colors.  The event takes place in the botanical garden.  A place so tranquil that you will forget you are in a major city.  With so many nooks and crannies it is easy to spend a day here.  Make sure to take advantage of photo ops while you walk down intimate trails.  The exhibition itself portrays orchids, carnations, geraniums, primroses, violets and thistles just to name a few.

What’s That I Smell?

Restaurant Week Like any major city Medellin is starting to develop a refined food palate.  It has been an uphill battle due to the fact that Paisasrestaurant (Antioquia residents) can be very regional especially when it comes to their food.  The typical Paisa dish consist of rice beans and a kind of meat, not much left for the imagination.  With so many foreigners visiting the city and even deciding to stay and open up shop we are starting to see a new interest on the outside cuisine world. The upscale neighborhood of Poblado has the most concentrated area of different cuisine.  German sausages, thai, or even Molecular Gastronomy can be found in this city.  It is for this reason that Medellin has decided to hold Restaurant week which gives you a discount on three course meals on the cities most renowned restaurants.


International Tango Festival, Romance Is In The Air!

tangoWith the death of Carlos Gardel on June.24th, 1953 the city developed a great love for tango.  As a tribute to Carlos the city has created the International Tango Festival which is held every June between the 24th to the 29th.  During this week 24 international artist are said to take the stage with 180 events taking place city wide.  Medellin has central squares in each municipal which during this week set up stages giving the people live and free concerts.  Envigado park is known to hold one of the most elaborate concert bringing in as many as 2000 people to the show.



The Perfect Month To Make Her Swoon 

International Poetry Festival July is the time of romance with Medellin showcasing the International Poetry Festival.  Events are held throughout the city both in public and private settings.  This event boasts 145 acts.  This years event will bring in 73 poets from 39 different countries.  So bring that special someone along and have a romantic night out listening to some of the best poets in the world while you sip away at a nicely prepared sangria.


Don’t Miss Out On The Biggest Event Of The Year!

Desfile de Silleteros 2012

This is Medellín’s crown jewel of events and people come to visit the city from around the globe during this week long schedule of activities.  The festival showcases many of the cities riches.  The first festival of flowers took place in 1957.  The festival lasted five days with an exposition of flowers.  The flower parade is said to represent the end of slavery when instead of flowers slaves would carry men and women on their backs up steep hills.  The first parade took place with around 40 men from the “corregimiento” of Santa Elena who carried flower arrangements on their back to the exposition site.   During this week long festival many parades are conducted.  There is a pageant, a classic car parade and many musical concerts.  The horse parade is by far the most popular bringing in as many as 6,000 horses.  The majority of these horses are well trained in “Classic Fino” the classic show ring gait in which the horse demonstrates a rapid, steady, unbroken rhythm of the hooves with very slow forward speed.  Think of it as trotting in place.


Let The Month Long Festivities Begin! 

The first of December marks a very important day in Medellin.  lightsThis is officially the start of Christmas.  Medellin is one of the best cities for Christmas.  They go all out here transforming the city into a wonderfully lit play land.  Every major park is lit up with decorations of all sorts.  The river is a huge attraction every year with its lit up water way.  Everything on the river is lit including the river itself! December first is the day all of these incredible lights go on.  For the best experience consider hiring a Chiva Party Bus which will take you all over the city making stops at all the lit locations while they play all types of music.


Day of the little candles (dia de las velitas)

The day of the lit candles is more of a family event although many people take to the streets.  You will find lots of house parties going on.  Don’t be surprised if you are walking down a street and get invited to these parties by complete strangers, that’s just how Paisas are.  On this day they celebrate the Immaculate Conception, the day The Virgin Mary was conceived in her mothers womb.  A very religious country this day is spent with love ones, although like most Colombian holidays there is always a little bit of dancing and drinking involved.


Colombia is noted as being one of the countries with the most holidays.  Even when there are no festivals there are plenty of three day weekends to live it up and take a nice trip out to a finca with some friends 

  • January 6th.  Day of the 3 kings
  • March 24th day of Saint Joseph
  • June 2nd ascending of the lord
  • June 23rd Corpus Christi
  • June 30th day of The sacred Heart
  • august 18th the assumption of the virgen mary
  • October 13 day of the races
  • november 3rd all saints day
  • november 17 Cartagena independance day
  • december 8th day of the immaculate conception
medellin group

Unfortunately not all Holidays result in a three day weekend. Here is a list of the holidays that fall during the work week for 2014

  • april 13th.Palm sunday
  • January 1st new years
  • april 17th, good thursday
  • april 18th, good friday
  • may 1st, Colombian labor day
  • july 20th, colombia independence day
  • august 7th battle of boyaca
  • december 25th Christmas
medellin group