For those of you looking for a night to mingle with both locals and tourists alike, we recommend you give Babylon a try. For those of you looking for a night to mingle with both locals and tourists alike, we recommend you give Babylon a try. I went out last night with a lady friend of mine not expecting too much just dinner and a movie. It was just one of those nights that you want to get to know someone, enjoy the matinee, and get a bite to eat. Little did I know though that my lady friend wanted to dance. I told her I wasn’t much of a dancer but knew the perfect spot.  A place right in Parque Lleras that I knew she would really enjoy. The place is called Babylon and it’s as cool as it gets in Parque Lleras. The place resembles an abandoned theatre and has enough superhero and pop culture memorabilia to host comic-con. It’s a mixing bowl of both locals and tourists looking to have a good time. Visiting Babylon on Thursday is the best way to go mainly because it’s ladies night and gets packed with University girls looking to mingle with ‘gringos’ not to mention that for under $20, it’s open bar for the first 3 hours and you can have your share of all the aguardiente, Medellin Rum and beer you can drink. Details Cover: Thursday- Men: 32,000 pesos (roughly $16) Women: First 200 are free, after that 10,000 pesos (roughly $5) Drinking: Open bar until 2a.m. Food: No Hours: 10:00p.m. to 4a.m. Address: Carrera 41 # 9-22, Medellin Lleras Park Phone: (57) (4) 381 8169. Additional Tips: Don’t forget the first 200 ladies usually receive complimentary entrance. Both men and women are required to show valid ID Like I mentioned earlier, the place was decorated with superhero and pop culture memorabilia and looked like an old arcade. Being ladies night, naturally there were a bunch of tables with only women that usually go to pick up gringos and tables of tourists that are willing to be picked up. I originally had the misconception that you could go to an American bar, or a local bar, but you may never find a place where both tourists and locals mingle; such is not the case at Babylon. By 11:30 the place was packed, it isn’t the biggest club I have been to, but we managed to get a good table and the waitress came by immediately to offer us what we wanted to drink. We ordered a bottle of rum and started taking shots to see if I loosened up for my upcoming dance presentation. Upon finishing your bottle simply call the waitress over to swap it out. They quickly replenish the old bottle with a new one. I had to pace myself though because a group of girls grabbed us and pulled us over to their table, it was amazing. University girls dancing on top of tables, and believe it or not, two bottles of rum and 60 minutes later, yours truly was on top of that table with my new friends. To wrap it up, Babylon is a great option for those of you looking mingle with a both tourists and locals alike on a Thursday night. I would recommend boys night out though because it’s easy to find yourself on a table with beautiful women dancing and having a good time. Definitely a must see if you want to enjoy the Medellin nightlife. Medellin Group can set you up with a night you’ll never forget. VIP tables available