Club El Rodeo: Medellin’s finest and most exclusive private country club

Club El Rodeo is located in Rionegro. The reason most people come to Rionegro is for the international airport and not much else…


Club El Rodeo is located in Rionegro. The reason most people come to Rionegro is for the international airport and not much else. But with the Medellin Group’s expertise and connections you won’t have to miss this gem.


Tree lined fairways, undulated greens, knowledgeable caddies, and a relaxing day outside the city.


Club El Rodeo is open every day of the week except Mondays. Tee times from 7am-4pm


The country club is private so allow Medellin Group to arrange a tee time and transportation for you.


IMG_00000718 (1) At first I was skeptical to golf in Medellin. The city doles out its share of nightlife and dining so believing there was a world class country club just outside the city seemed too good to be true. Having played golf around the world I was even more skeptical. Club El Rodeo satisfied my high expectations and upon leaving the facilities the only disappointment I had was in my short game. As we pull into the country club, eager caddies approached the car to carry our clubs. Though playing with a caddy is nowadays rare in the United States, it is fairly common throughout Colombia. The caddies start cleaning the excess grass out of the nooks on my wedges. Though I maintain my clubs, this is a nice touch. My golf partners and I proceed to roll a few practice putts across the warm up green. The green is in great shape and compliments the rest of the facilities. There is a practice area with driving range and another short hole for pitch and putt. I opt not to use it…don’t want to leave the good shots on the practice range. A spacious clubhouse with a full bar and restaurant are next to the warm-up area. There is any amenity you could want in a country club at Club El Rodeo. A heated Olympic swimming pool and tennis courts sit behind the open air building. They are in superior condition and begging to be taken advantage of. We kick off the round with scattered drives and crack beers walking down the fairway. Taking in the scenery and soaking up the sun between my drive and approach shot doesn’t help my game, but neither do the narrow fairways. club el rodeo The caddy suggests a seven iron for my approach shot but I doubt him and reach for the eight. I hit the eight perfectly and a high looping shot is seeking the pin. But as it is starts coming down, the wind picks up and my seemingly perfect shot falls short of the green. I begrudgingly hand the eight iron to the caddy and realize how smart these guys are. He knew there was wind up there. You need to trust the caddies. Even on the greens you have to put your faith with the guys in the white shirts. They know the breaks, know the winds, and know the distances. I try to milk all the information I can from them, but a caddy can’t cure your slice. Club El Rodeo is one of the hardest courses I have played in a long time. It’s not the longest but you have to be careful. There is trouble everywhere. Missing the fairway is an unforgivable offense throughout the course with forest, brooks, and deep rough eating up drives that miss the short grass. The par 5s become impossible to reach in two with precariously placed water hazards. And the par 3s are no easier playing 185 uphill from the whites and 200 plus from the tips. The greens are fast but soft. Sticking approaches is possible but don’t expect too many 1 putts or in some cases too many 2 putts. Even with the caddy lining me up and advising me where to aim, running it by a pin can land you off the green in many cases. Despite shooting well above my target score Club El Rodeo is a great time. As a skeptic, I was pleasantly surprised. The services are something you would find at a private club in Florida or California and not having any carts on the course made the setting serene. Playing a private club is always a superior experience, so for your outing, let Medellin Group organize the trip for you. We provide transportation and have the means to get you on to the members only course.