Colombia: Coast vs. Mountain Side, Which one’s For You?

It’s amazing how an hour trip by flight can make such a difference. It’s almost as if you are in different worlds when you visit the different cities that Colombia has to offer. Considering its size it might be surprising to some that Colombia is considered to be one of the 17 Mega diverse Countries in the world harboring the majority of the earth species.  With so many natural regions to choose from it might be difficult for some to settle down in just one spot. Backpackers and travelers alike will tell you that with so much to explore you can’t just stay in one spot.  An hour to two hour plane ride in any direction will most certainly change your bio surroundings.  Colombia has the pleasure of being the only Country in the region that can sport two oceans.  If you’re looking for scenery reminiscent of blue water, white sandy beaches the Caribbean might be for you.  Having been involved for years in tourism the Caribbean coast has more of the amenities that vacationers are looking for.  One of the major hot spots is Cartagena.  With centuries of Colonial history and a booming infrastructure that includes some of the top Hotels in the country, Cartagena is the perfect choice for the person that wants to familiarize themselves with the history of Colombia but at the same time be able to kick back on the beach with a few cocktails. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the pacific coast.  As of recent more development has been going into the pacific coast’s beaches.  If what you’re looking for are virgin beach settings that are surrounded by rainforest and beautiful jungle flora this might be the time to go.  If the idea of being in too rural of an area troubles you, there is no need to worry.  The Pacific coast plays host to some touristy locations such as Nuqui and Bahia Solano which will keep you at ease. No trip to Colombia is complete without a visit to the interior.  For as long as we can remember we have been painted images of scenic mountain views and beautiful lush coffee fields.  Believe me! The images are all true.  There’s nothing better than taking a flight into the cities of Bogota or Medellin.  The view is breath taking.  The feeling you get as you make your way down spiraling mountain side roads as you enter the Aburra Valley is something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. Unlike the laid back atmosphere of the coast the interior offers you something much different. Bogota and Medellin sport some of the best nightlife and dining experience Colombia has to offer. With some of the major business workings taking place in these two cities, Medellin and Bogota is a place to visit if you are a “Mover and Shaker”.  Unlike other major cities throughout the world, Medellin and Bogota offer proximity to what is known as “El Campo”.  Nothing beats taking an hour road trip to a beautiful “Finca” and relaxing in a pool with a couple of friends surrounded by a gorgeous mountain view. No matter where you choose to take your vacation one thing that that will always be constant is the friendliness of the local people and the way they always make you feel at home.  Like the locals say “Colombia: The only risk is, wanting to stay”.