Dia Del Amor y Amistad: Colombia’s version of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in September?  No you’re not losing your mind.  You’re most likely in Colombia if you are witnessing a day of celebrating love in September.  “ Dia del Amor y Amistad” translates to day of love and friendship, and that’s exactly what it is.

This is a great day to be in Colombia, especially in Medellin.  Back in the states Valentine ’s Day can have a negative feel to it if one is single.  There is all that pressure to be with someone on that day.  People without a partner are considered “losers”.  Not so in Colombia.

The name of the holiday says it all, it is a day of love and friendship, that means that everyone is invited to the party.  From my personal experience this day can be broken straight down the middle with 50 percent of people partaking in romantic intimate events and the other half partying it up.  I have experienced this day as a man dating in Medellin and in a relationship and can tell you that you cannot go wrong either way.

The Single Route

My first encounter with this day was as a single male in Medellin.  I remember thinking this day is going to suck.  That was until my roommates (who are paisas) showed up to our home with a nice bottle of rum to get the night started.  They informed me that tonight was the night to go out in one gender groups.

I remember hitting the club scene around midnight and finding that other groups had decided to go out and paint the town red as well.  It was a bit weird at first, huge clusters of women on one side and huge clusters of men on the other.  I felt as if I was back in an elementary school dance.  There was one difference though, this time we had rum and guaro.  As you can imagine as the local spirits made their way down our throats everyone seemed to become a bit more comfortable and talkative.  By the time 3 o clock rolled around my group of friend and a group of ladies had completely integrated.  Needless to say it was a great night to be single and enjoy the Nightlife in Medellin.

Happily Taken

My other encounter with this holiday has been as a taken man.  Although I remember fondly my nights out single I can honestly say things are better this way.  Being with friends is great but being able to reconnect with someone you truly love (even if it is on a cheesy, capitalistic night) is even better.  There is nothing like detaching yourself from the rest of the world and locking gazes with that person you love.

For those looking to go the romantic route Medellin has a lot to offer.  Looking for the best restaurants in Medellin? Well then check out Carmen for fine dining in Medellin with their romantic settings and exquisite menu options.  To make it extra romantic you might consider sitting in their patio.  Carmen offers some of the best service, food and ambiance that Medellin has to offer.

You can also try taking your Medellin women to one of Medellin’s nicer hotels.  Places, like Leparc, The Charlee and the Dann Carlton hold a romantic night.  Usually a junior suite is given, you are greeted in your room with a bottle of wine, rose petal covered bed, bouquet of roses, and some chocolate covered strawberries.   In the romantic package you also receive breakfast in bed.  Quite the catch if you ask me.

If your looking to reconnect in a more natural setting some places are offering camping excursions.  Rio Claro refugee has a huge turn up during the day of love and friendship.  If you haven’t visited Rio Claro this might be the best time for it.  With its beautiful scenic views you and your partner will installing fall in love all over again.  Rio Claro has some of the most beautiful rivers and caves the country has to offer.  The caves are mostly marble colored giving off a beautiful shine and contrast to the surrounding area.

No matter which route you take this “Dia del Amor y Amistad” you will end up happy, I can guarantee it.