Halloween in Medellin: One Night, One City, Countless Memories

Growing up in states has instilled a love for Halloween in me that most people would find difficult to understand.  To fully understand where I am coming from you have to know that I grew up in New York City and annually attended the biggest Halloween parade the world has ever seen.  I am of course talking about the Greenwich Village Halloween party which boasts an incredible 2 million attendees per year.

You can understand then why I was worried two years ago when I arrived to Medellin on October. 1st.  In my mind nothing could ever compare to what I had left behind in NYC.  Fast forward 30 days and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Medellin's Halloween Holding Its Own

It seems as if Colombia (and from what I have been told) especially the city of Medellin gets down and crazy for Halloween.  Apparently it wasn’t always this way.  Halloween or Dia De Las Brujas as some still call it was more of a children’s holiday.  Parents would make home style costumes using anything they could scrounge up.  Kids would play with fellow kids on the street and go to their neighbors asking for candy with their version of trick or treat:

Triqui Triqui Halloween — Tricky Tricky Halloween
Quiero dulces para mi — I want candy for me
Si no hay dulces para mi — If there is not candy for me
Se le crece la nariz. — Your nose will grow.

Time For The Adults To Play

In the last decade or so Halloween has become more of an adult holiday, and that’s just a-ok with me.  Considering that you will encounter some of the best nightlife in Medellin makes this a great holiday to be out and about meeting Medellin women and men.  You will find that the majority of clubs hold big events for this day, giving away prizes for best costumes.

One thing about Halloween that is similar to the states are the costumes the women wear.  It seems as if the women here are trying to battle it out for who has the sexiest costume of the night.  If you end up going to clubs like Mango or Babylon you will be in for quite the treat.  Jam packed with people dressed up in crazy concoctions your night will quickly go by as your dance the night away with that sexy(insert profession here).  Remember to dress up, if you are in medellin visiting during this great holiday let loose and become part of the spectacle.

Try The Laid Back Scene

For a more laid back take on Halloween (and by laid back I mean only a few degrees short of straight out partying) you may want to hang around the major parks scattered around the city.  Parque Envigado has one of the largest gatherings for Halloween.  Teenagers and Adults from all over the Municipality meet at this centralized park and other major parks throughout the city to play music, share drinks and just have an all around good time.

As long as you are out and about on this day you are sure to have a great time.  The energy that you will find on the streets of Medellin on this night is reminiscent of carnival!  If you find yourself visiting this beautiful city drop us a call for our following services:

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