Bubble Sky | Glamping

Bubble Sky | Glamping

Catamaran mesh

Disconnecting from everything is always good, there is nothing like escaping to a corner where you can forget the tension that work produces and relax in a comfortable place. If you are one of those looking for an off-the-beaten-path getaway or want to be closer to nature, luxury glamping will surely meet all your expectations.

But will it be possible to find all the comforts you imagine if you are camping outdoors? Of course! Glamping -style accommodations are designed to give you all the luxury and glamor that a traditional five-star hotel offers its guests.

This new trend that has been opening up among luxury ecotourism options has also reached Colombia. A country with exceptional climate, unique natural settings and the friendliest hosts. There is no doubt that this place on the map has everything for you to live an unparalleled vacation.

If you decide on glamping, you will have access to a large tent, equipped inside with everything you have to give up when you go camping in a rural area. Among them, a private bathroom, a comfortable bed, electricity and a comfortable place to cook. And if the above were not enough, you will also find glamping options in Colombia with a jacuzzi . Deluxe!

  • Maximum number of people (2)
  • Refrigerator: includes products to prepare breakfast at BBQ
  • Catamaran mesh
  • Only Adults

This beautiful luxury campsite in Colombia has exclusive “tents” that will allow you to live the camping experience in a space full of luxuries. The accommodations, for a maximum of two people, are transparent bubble-shaped capsules .

The capsules are elevated on a platform, they are not in direct contact with the ground. This way you will have a panoramic view of everything around you, at the same time that the bubble protects you from the elements and the humidity of the ground.

Five star room

Inside the bubble you will find a luxurious room, perfectly decorated with natural materials . The king-size bed invites you to leave everything that worries you behind and immerse yourself in the tranquility and purity of nature. Sleep under the infinite star-studded sky and don’t miss the most beautiful sunrise without having to get up.

For those who love to relax in a jacuzzi , on the outside of the capsule you get one with hot water. You also have a private bathroom, so you can enjoy the best and most comfortable stay. Each store is located away from each other, strategically located, offering total privacy.

Enjoy the following amenities at BubbleSky Glamping: 

  • Extra large bed equipped with orthopedic mattress
  • power connector
  • Air-conditioning
  • Internet access
  • hot jacuzzi
  • Private bathroom with hot
  • gas BBQ
  • catamaran mesh
  • 24 hour service

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