Swiss Glamping

Swiss Glamping

Catamaran mesh

→ Ecological room, energy consumption only 55w, the same as 1 light bulb 
→ Rated #2 room in the world
→ Exclusive, only 6 rooms far from each other 
→ Special for couples 
→ We celebrate anniversary, honeymoon, birthday (check value)

Aspects that must be taken into account: 

→ On sunny days the room heats up and the light enters early, we recommend you enjoy the sunrise… we are sure you will love it!  
→ The weather at night is cold, but nothing serious since the mattress is heated  
→ Being surrounded by nature, there may be insects and animals outside, we recommend bringing repellent 
→ If the power goes out (which is unlikely) the room will deflate since it works with a constant motor.  
→ Pets, children or minors are not allowed.

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